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Wedding entrance fee-free new, 400,000

&Nbsp;  , Jinhua city Jiangnan branch of Commerce and industry official yesterday told reporters that the suspension "entry fee" in 1.5 months to require 13 hotels involved hosted a total of 376 on the couple's wedding, free "entry fee" of more than 400,000 yuan, which originally were passed onto the new body.
&Nbsp;   after October 15, never received the "entry fee" complaints against staff of the Commerce and industry branch of the consumer protection Committee, told reporters in the South, "slotting allowances" disappeared in the South, is in the implementation of the provisions after half a month.
&Nbsp;   "prior to October 15, we received complaints from several newcomers, said the hotel had disguised charge entry fee situation. "Staff said, after an investigation, removal costs, lift fees, cleaning fee is the main denomination of hidden costs, cost about 2000 Yuan.
&Nbsp;   business then ordered related hotels, disguised charges will be refunded to the couple, "after October 15 and now, no more complaints about hidden costs. "
&Nbsp;   cancel the "entry fee", wedding, hotels are affordable rookie couple, married on December 10, originally ordered 13,000 yuan the wedding service, but that the "entry fee" stop message, temporarily raised the camera and emcee's grade.
&Nbsp;   fashion new space company manager Wang Qiongyao said the celebration of Jinhua, was lifted on October 1 "entry fee", the many couples that will save money on the wedding.
&Nbsp;   profits of hotels. "We only couple to receive meals. "Qian Jing Shen Hua business hotel catering Director, told reporters that in the wedding crowding together in October, November, hotel hosted the baichang wedding," in the past, entry fee will be 150,000 yuan, now all save newcomers away. "
&Nbsp;   Qian Jing said, hotels earn less money, but winning reputation, "2012 wedding, Jinhua should be preferred to the new South of the hotel. "
&Nbsp;   too early for seats arrangement, the hotel may charge an appropriate fee, Jinhua city industrial and commercial Bureau Jiangnan branch economic inspection group captain Zhang Zhong told reporters, after an investigation, most of the wedding after 1:30 P.M. began to decorate, so site fees after this time, hotels have to waive.
&Nbsp;   "If hotel space occupied earlier than more or less affect their normal operation, the hotel can charge appropriate fees. "Zhang Zhong said.
&Nbsp;   wedding industry association President Meng Zhanlin, Jinhua told reporters that over 70% of Jinhua new wedding cost 1~3 million, "this level of wedding, after 1:30 began to decorate more than enough, this entry fee can be saved. ”

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