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Wedding absolutely under control

&Nbsp;   watched the approaching wedding halls, you are probably pretty sure everything is almost ready, but "pretty sure", "ready" is not sufficient to ensure that all goes well, most important moment of his life, wish you hundred percent wedding "under control".
&Nbsp;   1. confirm once again to those suppliers with the supplier to confirm whether the material preparation is complete, confirm their time and location, contact phone number is not in doubt.
&Nbsp;   2. pay in advance for goods must pay the Bill in advance, so that you will not date to the wedding banquet in the memories of who you owe money.
&Nbsp;   3. Note insurance policy when the supplier receives the money at the same time, you want them to or receipt of invoice. Once it was claimed that no payment is received, you are also well documented.
&Nbsp;   4. separate private management prepared a few envelopes if you plan some people, such as dinner Head waiter, waiter, or DJ, so it is best to prepare an envelope and write their name and amount, which is more than all packed into one large envelope is much more secure.
&Nbsp;   5. unforeseen costs if there are wedding services personnel did particularly well, you might want to pay some kind of reward, what we usually call "unforeseen" costs, so to make room for this cost.
&Nbsp;   6. put away essential commodities, if after this feast you will spent their wedding night at the hotel, so it is best to have put away essential commodities earlier, and on the hotel the day before the wedding, or ask one of your friends and family the wedding day go for you in the morning.
&Nbsp;   7. check your honeymoon travel documents according to the so-called "rainy day", especially the honeymoon so important, so don't think we fuss, then check your Passport, travel documents.
&Nbsp;   8. Pack for your honeymoon trip honeymoon trip you need to bring a list of all the things, if only that was possible, it is all packed into a bag of "travel light". You can also buy some necessities and medicines on the ground or something, but better not to make such assumptions.
&Nbsp;   9. ensures that all items are in place in advance a few days in advance and hotel confirmation items such as wine glasses, cake knives ready, and sent to the wedding scene. And wedding service staff or friends before the guests arrived at the scene to help set up.
&Nbsp;   10. submit wine menu one day bar beverage menu presented to you captain, so he would not forget those special emphasis on things.
&Nbsp;   11. music styles are also very important song always has a number of cover versions, different bands have different modes of interpretation, for insurance purposes, communication with DJ, band leader again about it, see if they truly understand what you meant.
&Nbsp;   12. communicate with your photographer if you need a picture with some important people and give you a list of photographers, let him (her) to know that person. But if you're sisters, guests or the groom's family group photo of everyone, that should tell him (her), so that he (she) has a plan.
&Nbsp;   13. organize a schedule of wedding photos trust us, this is absolutely necessary, and this is the best way to guarantee the smooth advancement of the process. Imagine if the bride, bridesmaids, the bride's family are posing for the camera time is afternoon 3:15, that means that they will reach the photo site at 3:00, all dressed up. You don't want to see you at 3:15 maid rushes into the parking lot, and hair don't care, dress still in the bag.
&Nbsp;   14. collate a list of processes after the wedding rehearsal, is also a flow chart came out clear arrangements, so that everyone can know where is what time camera, what to do and so on.
&Nbsp;   15. check again the products be sure to check a few days ahead of the wedding wedding day supplies, such as cards, table cards, menus and programs, ensure that there are no errors.
&Nbsp;   16. tips to be invited to your wedding guests to feel your sincerity, before them, was in the hotel room ready for a sweet little gift and attach a photo of your handwritten cards.
&Nbsp;   17. arrange guests seating arrangements in advance of your Entourage seating can be arranged in alphabetical order, then print and a copy to the bridesmaid, she is responsible for ( ).
&Nbsp;   18. care of wedding flowers ready to bottle, if hot and dry outdoors. Like Lily and hydrangea is a special drink of water, needs constantly moist, or they are unable to maintain, in a long and noisy wedding flowers. You can even replace some florists ready to spend a few fade.
&Nbsp;   19. set dress up place if you and your bridesmaids in the wedding dress up, then it is best to put your bag dress uniform in one's car. If you have arranged a facelift sites can be compared easily.
&Nbsp;   20. remember that timing of the truck driver's contact information in case you have any changes, or something in the car, you can directly notify the driver. If you only have his telephone company Office, most of the night suddenly remembered what you where looking for?
&Nbsp;   21. transport and don't let your guests stranded at the ceremony. If they planned to go the same way, can share vehicles, also arranged for them, ensure smooth ceremony last we all leave.
&Nbsp;   22. rain protection measures if you are planning on an outdoor wedding, then we must take into account in case of rain, rain gear ready for guests, and can cover the fashion tents.
&Nbsp;   23. Specifies that the people in charge of gift specifies in advance a person in charge of those gifts that give to the guests, so that before the end of the wedding she had everything ready for you.
&Nbsp;   24. assign a competent wedding so that he (she) can help you arrange the wedding early, make sure everything goes smoothly.
&Nbsp;   25. keep an eye on marriage certificates please someone help keep your marriage certificate until the wedding is over. Because some of the tourist destinations, the hotel will provide special offers for honeymoon couples, but the premise is, of course, to you to show your marriage certificate.
&Nbsp;   26. dear, don't starve yourself to order your breakfast and have them delivered to your room. To cope with the Festival so exciting day, not on an empty stomach.
&Nbsp;   27. make sure everyone is clear end time of wedding, wedding locations and over time was need to check again, and clearly marked, so you can avoid additional costs because of timeout.
&Nbsp;   28. prepare an alternate package should have something in the bag: hair clips, hair gel, powder, lip gloss, lip balm, footbed for comfort and a pair of tight pants, an umbrella, a shawl, and wipes, eye drops and alternative music CD, to provide a substitute.

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