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Record of marriage material

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&Nbsp;   People's Republic of China marriage laws, the People's Republic of China
&Nbsp;   marriages, the processing conditions and the object 1, parties to a marriage application, each side must have accounts in the area.
&Nbsp;   2, parties to a marriage application must be completely voluntary, personally to the scene to check, not others instead.
&Nbsp;   3, applications for marriage between man and woman must have reached legal age (male: 22 years, women: 20 years of age), and must comply with the relevant local people's Governments to develop the family planning policy.
&Nbsp;   4, good health and does not have legal provisions prohibiting the disease get married and stay married.
&Nbsp;   II, report 1, valid identity cards and a booklet of information. Collective account by account where units or police station issued proved; 2, and party personal archives location or community neighborhood (village) issued of marriage status proved, and (name, and was born years must and ID, and booklet consistent); 3, and premarital report (specified city maternal and child hospital); 4, and away from had married of, also must with divorce documents (original); 5, and widowed of, by another party to death police station issued widowed proved (must stated name, male or female of death date and sealed).
&Nbsp;   certificate of handling relationship the couple went to the registration authority, and submit the following information:
&Nbsp;   1, marriage registration Office files a certificate:
&Nbsp;   2, written proof of the marriage certificate of the cause of lost, and confirmed by the unit seal:
&Nbsp;   3, a valid identity document:
&Nbsp;   4, 2 inch Photo 2 double or single l take 2 inches.

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