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2012 auspicious choice recommendation

&Nbsp;   per couple for an important day in my life, choose a day auspicious not pick, make some small suggestion for everybody today.
&Nbsp;   generally days are more important than month, important in months rather than years. Blind also have an auspicious day, so not too concerned about the so-called blind years says, but unnecessary delay wedding or one or two years in advance.
&Nbsp;   advice:
&Nbsp;   * based on your vision of the wedding season and local climate characteristics selected married. For example, if you want to do an outdoor wedding, then to choose the suitable season in sunny and dry, hot and cold.
&Nbsp;   * at the same time, you also need to take into account the ease with which family and friends to the wedding. If you have many want to invite family members and friends do not work locally, you should select the first, 51, a long vacation.
&Nbsp;   *, of course, also taking into account the couple both work and study, try to avoid wedding before the examination or project research phase, causing distraction.
&Nbsp;   * Finally, cannot ignore the views of elders, Oh!
&Nbsp;   based on the above factors, the selected range, you can according to your birthday for two day. Auspicious is the recommended system, based on the birthday of both new selections suitable for wedding days, and each day has a detailed description when the taboo to marry.
&Nbsp;   remind, the woman in the auspicious day when Miss periods.

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