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Economic wedding booking tips

&Nbsp;   no matter what happens we will prepare and budget in order to achieve the perfect result, let alone a wedding Rite this course requires prior knowledge of skills already, here are the user summarized three weddings its economic skills, to learn it quickly.
&Nbsp;   skills: 1.7 m for tables of ten, 1.8 meters is more than ten table seats 11 Polish Polish, according to ten tables total, each table sat 11 people would be tantamount to adding a table, costs remained much the same, in order to ensure all the guest's seat, a table is necessary. In this way, you can increase the number of floating feast will have two tables, reception error number no more than 20 people. So you don't have to worry about not enough to sit.
&Nbsp;   techniques II: maximum number of tables generally refers to the occupation of the hotel walk after the channel number in full, so that when we booked catering, Office to accommodate maximum number of table minus the number 3 is the best tables, red carpet, video, photography and other channels are occupied by being left out, results from the ceremony is the best.
&Nbsp;   skills: wedding reception table number more than ten tables, hotels will offer wedding room and a simple layout, attendance book, pen, cake, champagne, glass Tower, Xi Ka, in fact there are not valuable whether or not does not matter, with wine varieties and quantity and service fees can be negotiated that is worth a fortune. More than 20 tables to negotiate conditions more, how much benefit you can get depends on your negotiating skills.

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