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Top ten wedding taboos

&Nbsp;   not to please everyone but a waste of time to take care of every guest, but please remember that this is your day, you are the star of the day.
&Nbsp;   2. not too early to order invitations ordered four months before the wedding, time is sufficient enough. Because the invitation company has introduced a new design, so make sure the designers give you product catalog is up to date. In addition, changes in the details of the wedding, could lead to early printed invitations revoked. Of course, you can design your own personalized invitations.
&Nbsp;   3. drunk not only with their own style of photographer and the cameraman's more you like his style, and you can communicate well, it will contribute to the presence of wonderful memories.
&Nbsp;   4. don't forget the "old stuff"
&Nbsp;   let your family have enough time to find something special to your family. For example for generations of jewelry will bring you good wishes from family.
&Nbsp;   5. don't forget to test your flowers fade existing dark colored material accidentally soiled wedding dress, your florists help you accomplish this important task.
&Nbsp;   6. do not attempt any new makeup or skincare products do not take the risk! Three months or even six months ago, do not try any new product or a new hairstyle.
&Nbsp;   7. custom-made not thinner than the body of the dress if you plan to lose weight, nor of your dreams as standard. Customized in accordance with your current size, so that the insurance.
&Nbsp;   8. don't be afraid to advise mothers to mothers dresses proposal selection and color to match the wedding dress, mother on both sides together to talk about details of their dress, make their relations more harmonious.
&Nbsp;   9. before having to worry about wedding nightmares in everyone in the intensive preparatory process has the potential to have nightmares, but this never materialized.
&Nbsp;   10. don't let anything ruin this day can rest assured that every problem will be solved. Your positive attitude will make the guests more relaxed, remember: remain calm, everything will go very smoothly.

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