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Wedding audio questions couples must see

&Nbsp;   these days, continuous busy doing a wedding, some problems could have been resolved in advance, but it's still there, write here, I hope we can host the wedding, weddings, corporate and new attention, and encourage each other.
&Nbsp;   first, we talk about the sound of wedding and would like to talk about this topic for a long time.
&Nbsp;   audio on Weddings: may be a lot of new people and not given too much attention, while standing in the professional sense, wedding sound good or bad, directly affects the wedding can be smoothly carried out. Music is the soul of the wedding, the host's voice is routed through the sound. Now new hotels, many hotels are offering free audio service, the sound of so many new hotel, but people tend to ignore the problem, which is: Hotel audio can not be able to achieve the wedding professional requirements? Do not deny that individual hotels now sound pretty good, according to them also invested hundreds of thousands of millions. Hotel audio standards still accounted for more than 95% all hotels (here "substandard" means is "unable to meet the requirements of weddings for audio"), many of the hotel's audio is for conferences, an additional, meeting and wedding requirements differ too much.
&Nbsp;   and our newcomers tend to save money, or easy way out from the wedding scheduled audio, if the hotel's sound if there is a problem, such hosts, the couple and the wedding company, so before all the possibilities are greatly reduced.
&Nbsp;   General Hotel stereo, is the hotel's initial purchase when installed, before discussing the cost. Would like to say now there is no professional tuners (usually an electrician or maintenance concurrently). Hotel in order to save an employee's wages. Also part of the hotel and the tuner poor quality, very irresponsible. Because most of them do not have this responsibility, or anxious from work or other work not completed to meet new people and things for bribes is common. This last year from Shandong building once met at a wedding. Sound is poor, does not give not give good debugging, and rehearsal of the time been urging the couple said comes home from work. Finally can't I help people contact a professional audio, to ensure a seamless, site of the day-perfect audition effect, or I will regret it.
&Nbsp;   now does a wedding cost less when it comes to 10,000, tens of thousands of more and more. While a professional audio costs just a fraction of hundreds of dollars, compared with the cost of the wedding, and only a fraction. Is this sound determine the success of the wedding or not, musical expression is in place, host embodiment of sounds, and so on. The saying "make bricks without straw". Best wedding Chair, if no guarantee good acoustics, chaired by emotions and feelings would be greatly affected. Guests also will lose interest in the wedding because of sound harsh. Good sound volume will not feel jarring and noisy. Professional audio video out of the film, is noisy and messy.
&Nbsp;   modern wedding is different from previous traditional wedding, with increased emphasis on choreography and the use of sound and light. Professional lighting can create stunning visual effects, professional audio is to let people feel the smooth, beautiful listening pleasure. I'm every Chair is to take 1, sound Assistant, because he knew all of my processes and music, which can strain, which is responsible for the rookie minimum. For our new friend here some small suggestion:
&Nbsp;   1, and as in professional of wedding company scheduled professional audio 2, and must to has professional of Audio Tuning Division 3, and wedding of successfully success depends on above two points for new for, life once of wedding, not can because such of flaws left lifetime of regrets, so we the spent of money is must to spent of; and for we wedding company for, also also cannot because little of omissions makes we zhiqian of all efforts wasted; friends are, let we common of efforts's, To this sacred ceremony.

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