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After the earthquake Japan "home" is the most safe haven

&Nbsp;   Japanese after last year's "3·11" after the big earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster, a change in attitudes towards marriage---a growing number of cohabitating couples decide together on the red carpet, an affair the Japanese overnight was "awakened", became "home" is the safest haven.
&Nbsp;   Asahi Shimbun magazine recently conducted an online survey of the AERA, the results showed, most having an affair are dialed in an earthquake the first phone call, the first message was to his wife instead of "third wheel". Survey also pointed out that last year's "3·11" earthquake also had an affair with the husband of a woman's secret lover "awakened", survey data show that only 7% people think of them, the other important putting himself before his wife in the earthquake.
&Nbsp;   Japan gender experts believe that using cell phones and Getting to know the opposite sex, more prone to abnormal relations between men and women, last year's "3·11" Act can be said to give Japan an opportunity to provide the community with a new awareness of the importance. Husband and wife in the adversity of have a clearer view of family, feel valuable to the family.

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