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Little cheats wives must know

&Nbsp;   "together every day, so good to be compelled to be together every day, really bad!" Get married, I didn't feel like he had "taken". Feeling pretty delicate, both sweet and sentimental. Men always want to eat things that he can't eat, and now ... ... In order to keep the distance to keep the United States, after marriage, I roared back to private parties, and not the whole night with him. Started and he doesn't find me, probing something late than I am.
&Nbsp;   a confident (or vanity inside out) her husband even wanted to know his wife's whereabouts nor the General Assembly call "zhagang", but does not mean you can walk tall, because it does not exclude them suddenly want to "questioning" about the possibility. Once he find you find him not, he would be up in arms. They feel they've lost on your "master", and was looked down upon. So, don't trick, playing "generated from the United States" it. To report your whereabouts at any time, don't come home too late, but don't imagine they'll stay up all night. Otherwise men will only become more so.
&Nbsp;   should take the initiative to explain married men don't think and you can readily and male citizens Association. Man's jealousy is nothing less than women, but they braced, hold, just innuendo, pointing. At this step, will be late. So it is wise to actively explain and male (even if it is a high school boy) reason, go out to eat together.
&Nbsp;   don't nag gossips, unfortunately, most headache for bride "dirty socks" and "bubble sofa" problem I have encountered. Our home the dress don't pay attention to a shirt box pressure at the end of the year he was able to pull out, and your pleats are not wrinkled! I don't understand style he used to do it every time they get married standing in front of me. Socks, let alone, stinking, off into the shoe, or throw in the washing machine, and the next day take out next. Sofa in the living room was large and broad, is his own measure, is the most frequently used piece of furniture in our family. Before eating, after dinner; before going to bed, and woke up, as long as "free" on the sofa. Lying, half-sitting, leaning on ... ... Transform a variety of poses. Smelly socks and he couches the thing, I don't know how many back to denounce it doesn't work. He also asked: "How can you be so nagging, so things do not trouble trouble?"
&Nbsp;   nag is said to be the man most women can't stand weakness, although I am sure that nagging mental health benefits for wives, but I remind myself: shut up! because I find those nagging problems, her husband not only did not change, instead to the development of deeper and more covert. For example, off the socks he plugs his shoe instead of bedspreads here.
&Nbsp;   said "I love you"
&Nbsp;   these three words are woman advocate men say to yourself, but don't forget that man to spoil the three degrees and never below the woman. Men in love is actually quite fragile and they need to continually clear the woman feels good to him. If men are not sure about the relationship between two people, or even concern, they would be upset, too lazy to invest. If marriage is a man saying, "I'm in love with you", now, get married, the women say.

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