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Buying wedding candy know how much?

&Nbsp;   If the couple want to save some overhead can be considered to Providence, Bai Rong Shi trade and wholesale markets, such as shopping bags, transparent cellophane bags only 0.2 Yuan about 1, small red bag of yarn quality is about 0.4 1 large 0.6 Yuan to 1. A bag than supermarkets save 7 cents on average, 100 bags will save 70 Yuan.
&Nbsp;   of course, if you have the energy, would like to design your own package, or you can buy ordinary candy boxes from the Internet, and then added the chiffon, Gold Ribbon or bow. And the packaging of small online can buy, prices range from a few cents to a few dollars.
&Nbsp;   tip it can be said to be brand sugar marriage a priority in one's life, the couple must hope that the wedding was perfect. Candy is just a mean, but is best in quality assurance of formal channels to buy candy, or through a reputable online sellers to buy some brand of candy. Wedding candy, after all, is only a small part of the wedding expenses, must not be too stingy.
&Nbsp;   attention to shelf life when buying sugar more really pay attention to the expiration date. Candy generally after two or three months is normal production time, if too close to the date of manufacture, may be a secondary packaging and processing of sugar, so be careful not to buy.
&Nbsp;   candy bought well, we eat sweet, newly married young couple will bring a different kind of sweet.

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