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Four wedding photography questions and answers

&Nbsp;   Q2 How do I choose the right package?
&Nbsp;   a: sets different lies mainly in the clothing of different photos, makeup artists and photographers are different. Recommendations when choosing a package based on the budget reduction 1000-1500, in case the final selection of films, such as increasing the number of photos, photo albums, upgrade. Diversification should also select a picture style.
&Nbsp;   special note:
&Nbsp;   on the single is optimistic about the business of fashion style, size and cleanliness, inquire partition, corresponding to your favorite package is there for their own clothes in the garment district, and so on.
&Nbsp;   photo note the number at the same time, must pay attention to size, how many large, Crystal box, how many, how much each rostered, different in this photo is the same or different German photos, pictures of how big it is.
&Nbsp;   Q3 newcomer on what must be done to prepare before shooting?
&Nbsp;   picture day, relax, an early rest before bed, drink less, so as to avoid puffy eyes on alternate days, get enough sleep, so took up more refreshed and glowing.
&Nbsp;   photographed the same day the bride wore a strapless bra and skin color stockings and a pair of high heels and a pair of comfortable shoes, for outer wear.
&Nbsp;   photo on the bride on the day not at their own makeup, so as to avoid makeup obsession. When taking photos, best not to wear too much jewelry, the bride should wear open front clothes so as not to dress in dresses, destroyed the face makeup and hairstyle.
&Nbsp;   groom on the day the photo Please wear a pair of black shoes and a pair of white socks and black socks.
&Nbsp;   with a plastic bag or disposable tablecloths, for special circumstances, prevent dirty clothes.
&Nbsp;   Q4 after the election of the rations?
&Nbsp;   selection of films to see small, firm do not have the selection. Select vertical photos, don't, bad angle of the light do not, according to good posture repeat not, less personal, and selected photos will have a balance of rejuvenation, a variety of clothing and posture are diverse. But should also consider whether the background with the album sorting.

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