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180 days at different stages of preparation before marriage

&Nbsp;   six months before her wedding 1. Decides wedding 2. Decides the wedding style (formal or casual, large or small), together with the parents to discuss.
&Nbsp;   3. begin to budget, you can hire a wedding consultant.
&Nbsp;   4. Select new homes and renovated.
&Nbsp;   5. selecting the wedding and reception locations and book, draft guest list.
&Nbsp;   6. Premarital health checks.
&Nbsp;   7. register marriages.
&Nbsp;   four months before her wedding 1. beauty and the body. 2. prepare invitations.
&Nbsp;   3. book cake. 4. the choice of places to stay in the field.
&Nbsp;   5. honeymoon travel arrangements.
&Nbsp;   6. If needed, scheduled her wedding night suite.
&Nbsp;   three months before her wedding 1. buy wedding rings.
&Nbsp;   2. Select makeup artist and makeup test.
&Nbsp;   3. selecting wedding photography company, shooting wedding photos.
&Nbsp;   4. selected wedding company, discuss specific form details (overall floral decoration, ceremony and wedding music, photographic, etc).
&Nbsp;   5. determine the best man, Maid of honor, flower girl.
&Nbsp;   6. selecting the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents dress.
&Nbsp;   7. and wedding departments to discuss details of menus and services.
&Nbsp;   8. selected ritually marry new speech, wedding speech, he said.
&Nbsp;   9. to honeymoon in the foreign passport should be considered.
&Nbsp;   a month before her wedding 1. check beauty, body effects, adjust care programmes.
&Nbsp;   2. try on dresses to make modifications. 3. choose the bouquet and other accessories.
&Nbsp;   4. Please leave. 5. Invites host the introducer.
&Nbsp;   6. determine honeymoon details (supplies, hotel reservations). 7. the booked car.
&Nbsp;   8. new supplies are complete!
&Nbsp;   half a month before her wedding 1. printed wedding process, decided the details. 2. determine the full set of dress, including shoes and underwear.
&Nbsp;   3. and confirm matters, trial meal. 4. buy tobacco, candy, wedding.
&Nbsp;   5. sent out the invitations and call to confirm.
&Nbsp;   6. register of the prepared gifts, prepared the day need to distribute red envelopes, small gifts.
&Nbsp;   a week before her wedding 1. decide on a guest at the wedding banquet seating, writing a place card.
&Nbsp;   2. notifies the wedding finally determines the number of, and hammer out the details of the hotel.
&Nbsp;   3. write good toast.
&Nbsp;   4. brides adapt to new shoes at home.
&Nbsp;   5. staff decided the wedding list.
&Nbsp;   6. check whether the wedding day items are available.
&Nbsp;   7. luggage for the honeymoon journey (journey told his family).
&Nbsp;   8. clean house.
&Nbsp;   wedding day before 1. makeup artist make-up time is determined.
&Nbsp;   2. determine the order of dress, jewelry to wear and match.
&Nbsp;   3. trim the fingernails and toenails.
&Nbsp;   4. wedding location.
&Nbsp;   5. get enough sleep.

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