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How to determine guest list

&Nbsp;   addition to invited guests in addition to family and friends, is a person who's life is important to you, a group of close harmony enthusiastic guests to attend your wedding, the whole wedding atmosphere considerably.
&Nbsp;   1, you want to count number of guests, where do you start?
&Nbsp;   by their respective lists invitation list, including invitations and have to invite, along with your invitation list, come to a ballpark number, and give this number a fluctuating space for changes.
&Nbsp;   2, number of guests and the wedding budget differs a lot, and we have decided the wedding venue, it can do?
&Nbsp;   happen just adjusted on the number or appropriate relaxation of the wedding budget and save money from other projects. 2 months before the wedding and their parents determine the final invitation list, to avoid the extra numbers. General hotel to receive change notification for 2 months in advance, in case guests such as too much or too little happens.
&Nbsp;   3, some of the guests I invited just a couple 2 people, but to the family, put us on the spot!
&Nbsp;   If you get the number of reply can be well controlled, you can be generous on the invitations and they confirm the day of attendance. In this way, you don't have to embarrass and make arrangements, also more helpful to control the order of the field.
&Nbsp;   4, we do not want to invite some friends, but don't want to destroy the relationship to one another, what can you do?
&Nbsp;   like some friend of a friend, usually a little. Such circumstances can indirectly through friends of his (her) that good news, send promptly after the candy. This does not affect your relationships, or embarrass each other.
&Nbsp;   5, although there is a previous lover, but remain friends, inviting him (her) to the wedding?
&Nbsp;   ask for fiancĂ© (e) 's advice! After all, this is your wedding, if both sides agreed was relieved, happy yet great.

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