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soldiers are a special group, of a strictly regulated their lives, which makes military wedding marked a serious imprint. Mass wedding is commonly used in humorous, funny, funny and humor, is not suitable for application in military weddings. After all, but the wedding is a wedding, celebration is the most prominent color, military wedding if we can highlight the "taste", will create a unique atmosphere.

smart-release the military component, use homonym to create interest in military weddings presided over, subtly decomposing military component terms, joking, interpret its meaning, not only losing the "ignorant". And produces an interesting effect, for people to create an unforgettable taste.

Wang Dali is a sergeant for the camp of the automobile class, Wu Shasha is a nurse at group health team. Two neighbors before the army. Two Childhood Sweethearts, when I got out. Their wedding ceremony was held in the army. As a wedding car battalion battalion commander. In the briefing says: "the bridegroom named Wang Dali, is our car camp for a Sergeant, a bride named Wu Shasha, our health team of a nurse. Do you guys know what NCO? called Sergeant, is most soldiers who, like officer. They know what a nurse? so-called nurse is a person who most cherish in life Sergeant. It would appear that this happy combination of the childhood sweetheart couple today, Navy officers to make us care, and that even the angels have special care! " Paragraph battalion commander of wonderful presided over, is with homophonic witty vivid to put "Sergeant" and "nurse" for has explained, not only put Sergeant Wang Dali Dang monitor of "official" components emergent has out, and put "nurse" and "Sergeant" two a soldiers components clever to contact up, let people suddenly on feel to has two bit new love, and mutual help mutual of moving taste.

21 wedding:

wedding LOGO 1,: do an overall image design for your wedding, including colour tone and overall style, most importantly don't forget to design a LOGO as a mark of your wedding, stick in your invitations, photo albums, and on the attendance register.

2, the entire wedding was full of your name: the names on both sides as much as possible during the wedding process. For example: put your name on the menus or to names projected on the wall, of course, you can also write your name on each layer of the cake, you can even get your name embroidered on dress.

3, improved guard: before the ceremony to have a friend into two teams, put together a tennis racket, the bride and bridegroom walked hand in hand from the following.

4, create a unique Archway: to give each guest a flower, then let guests have to plug in an arch decorated with, at the ceremony, the couple adopted under this arch.

5, don't forget pets: small dog is your single partner, you also want it to share your happiness, then give it to wear a white gardenia wreath, holding it out now!

6, wearing a family jewelry: means your combination will be ancestors to bless, and express your respect for family tradition. If the family jewellery not appropriate to wear, you can decorate it in the bouquet handle.

7, share your love story: the host of the wedding ceremony to speak out your marriage proposal stories, or making a story-book special invitations.

8, in front of the permanent monuments wedding: wedding ceremony was held in front of the Boulder Park, after each wedding anniversary here, indicating your marriage forever.

9, and visitors are requested to bring them to your photos: photos before the ceremony began nailing on a display Board at the sign in, don't forget to take pictures after the ceremony to you.

10, try to use words instead of numbers to name the table: If you travel a lot, possibly using your favorite city to name the table, for example, the parents sit at the main table name "Carnation", meaning family, Man hing.

11, to avoid use on the invitations "guests": must be on the invitation to write each person's name to show respect for the guests.

12, the special mail Tip: you can look in the yellow pages telephone answering service company, to guests in advance message on the answering machine: "I wish you a good morning, you are welcome to attend our wedding! "

13 appearances, with Bell to greet you: the bride arrived at the ceremony location, let a flower girl shaking her Bell walked through the crowd, walked and shouted:" the bride coming! "New people coming along the way, guests also rang a Bell in his hand.

14, flower ring up: make a ball of flowers as the ring up, placed inside the petal ring, meaning your romantic beautiful for ever and ever.

15 relatives and friends, sharing the oath: as part of the wedding ceremony, you can invite some married guests tell them about their own wedding by oath.

16, showing the intimate relationship you and your Bridesmaids: bridesmaid's bouquets vary per person, when the bride walked by them, and took their small hand bouquet, form a large bouquet, moral support and love for brides and bridesmaids.

17, to the red carpet with life and color, yellow leaves strewn on the carpet to the ceremony when when you walk over them, it feels like walking on the road covered with yellow leaves in autumn.

18, give the guests something about your clues: some companies can use words associated with the bride and groom make fun of crossword, try putting them in the invitation or printed on the north side of the menu, ask guests to fill in.

19, do not throw bouquets: after the ceremony was over, give it to your mother, grandmothers, best friends or other important guests to show your gratitude for them.

20, writing down wishes: for each guest to write down some words of blessing, and it tied together and give gifts to family and friends.

21, wearing a wedding dress on wedding: the bride at the wedding for two or three sets of clothes, dressing appears at the time of disposal of the recommended tail is free to remove the wedding dress, remove tail, can make an evening gown.

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