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Wedding cups are not drunk

&Nbsp;   1, drink a glass of milk, and dehydration can prevent gastritis. Drink milk with sugar or honey, which can promote the alcohol decomposition and protecting gastric mucosa.
&Nbsp;   2, moderate drinking salt water or salt solution to prevent dehydration can cause salt to lose.
&Nbsp;   3, eat oily food, such as fat, such as dried beancurd, fat is not easy to digest, you can protect the stomach and prevent the infiltration of alcohol, can also make the ethanol absorption in the body longer.
&Nbsp;   4, not drinking on an empty stomach, rapid absorption of alcohol, people are likely to get drunk.
&Nbsp;   1, do not drink ice water, stimulating beverages such as lemonade, would offset the Huwei efficacy of milk.
&Nbsp;   2, not drink with carbonated beverages such as Colas, carbon dioxide will speed up the speed of the body absorbs alcohol.
&Nbsp;   3, not in one gulp, should be split into several drinks. Alcohol concentration in the blood rises slowly, not drunk.
&Nbsp;   4, best meal: beef, chicken, fish, and other animal foods and soy products, containing large amounts of methionine and choline to enhance the liver's ability to break down alcohol. Pork liver, lose vitamin b supplement for drinking. Green leafy vegetables, and wine and meat in acid, antioxidants and vitamins can protect the liver.
&Nbsp;   5, avoid eating salted fish, smoked sausage, bacon, contain a lot of pigment and nitrosamines, after the reaction with alcohol in the body, not only damage the liver, and can damage the mouth and esophagus mucous membrane, or even cause cancer.
&Nbsp;   6, drinking beer, avoid eating BBQ food, are foods high in purines will increase in the risk of developing gout.

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