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Bride shuisheyao

&Nbsp;   method if your waist is not slim enough, might as well pick a suitable recoil to improve fit underwear. If you are concerned about uncomfortable corsets lingerie, you can select x-design dresses, or split, they can visually make your waist thinner; avoid simple straight-wedding dress (wedding of Jinan ).
&Nbsp;   II has a slim waist, you can say that is the envy of most women. However, too much emphasis on a thin waist is likely to result in weaker impression. Wedding dress selection, you can choose simple dresses, high waist in a Word, not only implicitly show your waistline, too slender waist can also balance a sense of imbalance, should not have the tube.
&Nbsp;   method if your waist is thin and slender, but shuisheyao will make your lower body feels shorter, and some do not coordinate, what can you do? select waist was designed for high waist and waist dress, high waist, makes the lower body is long, the upper and lower body coordination; avoid low waist dress.
&Nbsp;   method you always think your waist is not fine enough, actually the problem is not with the waist on the weight, but your waist is not long enough, then how should I handle it? low waist skirt, it will pull down your waist, waist line extends was shown by waist line beauty; avoid high waist and waist dress.

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