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Elegant Chinese bridal makeup light

&Nbsp;   shows red voluptuous red is the Chinese symbol of festive joy, Chinese bride in the wedding day of nature cannot avoid, bright red is lit the bride happy appearance of important elements.
&Nbsp;   lips: this is whole makeup in the bride most worth highlight of parts, let are red points bright bride of honey meaning tenderness, reproduction Chinese bride gentle among and are like fire passion of deep inner, so are red of lip makeup must have of have enough rich full, can first with with color of lip line outline out lip shaped, again coated Shang has expansion sense of red lipstick.
&Nbsp;   eyes: in order to highlight the flaming lips bright eye makeup you can slightly weaken, a simple thick black eyeliner and mascara, eyes can outline the bride in the near future.
&Nbsp;   cheeks: a Pearly pale pink blush only need to swipe the cheeks so that softer echo the intense bright red lip color.
&Nbsp;   charming Pastel pink soft pale light elegant Chinese-style beauty, gentle and mildly has been recognized the best impression amplification typical of this gentle soft pale colors, so natural for Chinese brides to pink to subtle rendering.
&Nbsp;   lips: soft light pink lip gloss natural, yet still moist and glossy, the best choice for pink lip gloss Pearlescent color, pure color elegance, and in line with fashion trends.
&Nbsp;   eyes: soft feelings without hard eyeliner to portray, diminish the clear liner paint, with warm brown eye shadow shading on the upper and lower eyelids, creating a gentle mist small smoked, it is shaping the tender eyes of nirvana.
&Nbsp;   cheeks: bright Pearlescent blush with brightening effect, can be a very good way of bride's soft, gentle style, to better highlight the overall tone of pink makeup, Foundation of description is also important, clears the water tender flawless skin is the best basement light bright makeup, so light and adequate water Foundation is best for.
&Nbsp;   sexy stars of Chinese brides can compatible fashion makeup, stars twinkling diamond patch reserved for the bride, add a bit of dynamic colors can draw all eyes tightly.
&Nbsp;   eyes: my eyes is the focus of this style to create, this monsoon, dark black eyeliner is head strong pop element, combined with a few stars in the corners diamond patch, will give your eyes and create a sense of dramatic shine, make the bride's eyes more charming.
&Nbsp;   lips: moisten the soft pale colors lip gloss can Dodge lip color, eye makeup effect is more pronounced and concentrated, but even a best in nude makeup lip makeup nor ignored a special soft, moist texture of lips.
&Nbsp;   cheeks: delicate white skin set off by the bright tea with milk-colored blush even more crystal clear, this is what Chinese brides for perfect skin.
&Nbsp;   grace gold rich gold for Chinese brides to add a sense of elegance, Jin Yao metallic makeup and color of each other, reflects the unique elegance of the bride.
&Nbsp;   lips: flashing light metal color deep red lip color is full of irresistible charm color, modern and retro attitude, let the bride has a sense of understated luxury.
&Nbsp;   eyes: with misty gold suits echoed Brown to dark red lips, warmth will be golden brown in the eye, and in order to deepen the stereoscopic eye level, can describe the scope of the eye shadow to eye hollows for boundaries began blooming.
&Nbsp;   cheeks: deep brown-red blush is part of grace bride charm create an atmosphere, from the rounded cheekbones to the brow and gently sweep, create strong overall makeup, also emphasizes that the face of the stereo profile.

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