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Outdoor wedding planning notice

&Nbsp;  , weather weather is a key factor affecting the outdoor wedding, as wedding planning for a long time, so it is difficult to predict the weather conditions of the wedding day. The so-called days of ominous clouds, to buy insurance for everything, prepare a backup plan, and always foolproof. For example, to cope with the rainy day in advance please make enquiries with the venues will provide tents, or was temporarily transferred to the indoor ceremony, what needs to be done and so on.
&Nbsp;   II, and wedding date outdoor wedding is to return color, and close natural, so select May-October are compared for held outdoor Lawn wedding, this which 5, and 6, and 9, and October is best select, if you of wedding set in April or November, you and is hope can do one outdoor wedding, recommends you rental portable heater machine, heater machine rent compared cheap, and effect is good. Especially in the spring compared common outdoor wedding you can prepare small blankets for guests, for proper heating. If you're planning on 7 August dog days of outdoor wedding, you first need to think about is Sun Fang Shu, a natural shade and sun protection is a necessary element of the site (Jinan wedding ).
&Nbsp;   three, and site select Lawn wedding of site select compared important, has open green of resort, and outside of Villa garden, or golf field are is good of select, if can found Lake side or situated of site on more Rod has, both can taste wedding of romantic and joy, and can enjoy natural of fresh Yi people, as of wedding will to people physical and mental Shang of double enjoy.
&Nbsp;   four, site layout of outdoor garden wedding venue d├ęcor are a key factor in the success or failure of the wedding, its basic style is supposed to Western style. In color, due to the outdoor green account for most, in order to realize the harmony of the whole wedding environment, you should select a light color, such as white, pink, lavender, yellow, Sally's marriage tips: ban on big red, but not in large quantities in red. Such as candles and other accessories of the day, which at the same time prepare glass for protection, to prevent unnecessary accidents. In terms of wedding flower arrangements, because too many outdoor natural factors, so much to consider which may be avoided by design, weather is a big decision, and flowers on the not easy to choose dehydration, the color does not change color in the Sun, also need to be prepared for heavy support, ensure stable design floral works outdoors.
&Nbsp;   five Western-style fashion, wedding outdoor garden wedding at the wedding links recommended Western-style buffet, if conditions allow, can also be held in the open air after the wedding, wedding reception to a nearby restaurant; you can also separate the wedding ceremony and reception, select Day ceremonies, evening wedding reception or wedding party.
&Nbsp;   six, and wedding dress outdoor Lawn wedding of atmosphere relative easily, wedding Shang of dress recommends select shallow tones, and fiber, and simple of clothing, in style Shang outdoor wedding not for big drag tail wedding and Tuxedo, too grand of dress, so in select dress Shi, bride best can select align to wedding, this year popular of align knee of personality wedding is good of select, groom select General of dress can.
&Nbsp;   seven, traffic factors suggest that you stated in the invitation on their wedding, and, as is provided for in the wedding location (maps), and transport to get, because of the outdoor spaces are usually far from the urban areas, so it is best to rent a bus for family and friends to their destinations, so as to avoid the wedding day destinations and delaying the wedding could not be found. Outdoor venue far from the home, consider staying the night before the wedding room at wedding locations, so that sufficient time for preparation of the couple, jieqin ceremonies can also be comfortably completed.
&Nbsp;   features eight, season 1, food and special cases. Outdoor temperature tends to affect the quality of the food, avoid perishable foods, such as some mixture of mayonnaise dish, cut up fruit. Similarly, the wedding cake choice of materials is also trying to avoid more easily dissolved species, should be ordered with outdoor wedding cake supplier mentioned, so that the other can be used with the outdoor environment to design the wedding cake of materials and shapes.
&Nbsp;   2, anti-mosquito. Let the guests will enjoy your wedding, have the responsibility to refuse any uninvited guests coming, like pesky mosquitoes, flies and a variety of insects, and so on. Particularly as flies on food, through the landscape. So, that should communicate with field units, check all the mosquito pest control measures.
&Nbsp;   3, taking care of special guests. When you send an invitation to your wedding, if you choose an outdoor wedding, Garden, lawn, especially weddings, to know in advance what the guests have severe pollen allergy, be careful not to put the guests in the garden around. In addition, do not seating arrangements with children near the Lakes, lowlands, highways, slopes and other places where there are security risks.

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