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Different age groom beauty tips

&Nbsp;   aged 26 groom: sports reserve healthy men at the height of the body. Sensitivity of the rhythm of the heart, lungs, bones, stability and flexibility in areas such as indicators are at a peak. Can any intensity of exercise, healthy reserves of energy for the future.
&Nbsp;   recommends: 3~4 times a week, for at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise each. For example, football, basketball, skiing, jogging, swimming and so on. Then, for 20 minutes of instrument practice.
&Nbsp;   30: and exercise to maintain a healthy body function has been over the top. Physical indicators began to decline, slightly unfocused, will change shape, weight, external skin thickening, lumbo-abdominal accumulation will occur. But men of that age still have a lot of athletic ability, if we ignore physical exercise, endurance is very important for oxygen uptake will gradually decline. In order to keep the joint higher flexibility, should do more stretching. Also, note also that cardiovascular exercise.
&Nbsp;   recommends: 3~4 aerobic exercise each week, follow the principle of gradual, must not be brave. Then, for 20 minutes of instrument practice, compared with at the age of 20, lighter weight, and often more. Finally, 5-10 minutes of stretching exercises, with a focus on lower-back and leg muscles.
&Nbsp;40 age of groom: campaign against disease a snag of the 40 men, men with a scientific exercise habits, mature temperament and well-built body itself as perfect men; men's body began to put on weight without attention to a healthy lifestyle, physical decline, muscles shrinking year by year, various chronic diseases start paining. Therefore, people over 40 years of sport not only helps to keep it in good shape, but also prevention of common age-related diseases, such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and so on. For the men of this age, unless they are older athletes, or exercise must be a starting light. Especially overweight people due to too much pressure on the joints, more attention should be the strength of the movement.

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