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&Nbsp;  , in-depth understanding of other facilities of the venue and conditions in addition to these basic conditions for, and meeting other important factors need to be considered:
&Nbsp;   (1) whether has ready-made of stage or erection stage of space; if no ready-made stage, wedding company whether is responsible for built; (2) projection and curtain location and size can let back audience see; whether need double projection; (3) audio, and Chase light lamp, and microphone, equipment whether complete; curtain, and sound, and lamp control personnel whether for site service; (4) toilet and ballroom distance whether near; to ballroom elevator of bearing guest volume and the upper and lower speed how And (6) are grounds provide bridal dressing room; providing wedding marriage can change into a regular room for guest accommodation, (7) outdoor venue is there a programme to cope with the weather changed suddenly.
&Nbsp;   b, clear room more and more one-stop service Hall joined the ranks of one-stop wedding services. Choose one-stop wedding package makes it easy to enjoy the wedding arrangement, wedding process planning, lighting and sound props, master of ceremonies, wedding makeup, on-site photography services, so you don't have to worry about looking for one by one, affordable prices you can save a lot of costs.
&Nbsp;   c, taste in choosing a wedding venue wedding dishes you food, can be combined according to their own preferences and tastes of most of the guests decided the right dishes and meals. Chinese wedding banquet food risk, in line with popular taste. Western wedding buffet both self and non-self-non-self more particular about dining etiquette. Section of the site provides dish tasting, tasting process can also put forward their own demands, and have the opportunity to communicate directly with the restaurant chef.
&Nbsp;   four, choose the wedding date and clear the price range depending on the wedding season season period, site appears small differences in price. You need to consult different wedding quotes, combined with the budget to make rational judgments. Also clear wedding price add additional loss service charges.
&Nbsp;   gets five, collection of wedding information wedding venue information is available through:
&Nbsp;   (1) related websites or magazines to search for relevant information and (2) meeting spot for information and requests for information, (3) participation in the "marriage Bo"; (4) participate in the meeting "wedding show" (BridalFair, which is specifically for the new showcase wedding venue layout, publish up-to-date offers, provision of advisory activities. ) Six, to determine first of all should be based on the style and type of wedding venue wedding dreams, career temperament, the guest level and age, considering the venue style. Site styles including Chinese, Western and other, mostly elderly, not selected is a different kind of venue. Then select the type of venue: restaurant, hotel is one stop wedding venue. If you want to choose an outdoor area, gardens, terraces in different species.
&Nbsp;   seven, pay attention to the wedding venue's geographical scope and traffic you can be home for the Centre itself and most guests suffer psychological distance as RADIUS, draw a circle on the map and circle the room reasonable geographical range. Also note that "from a meeting of the nearest subway station, bus station and walk to the venue after the subway and bus time meeting the number of parking spaces, whether free parking.
&Nbsp;   number eight, judged the wedding, and the site you must first clear the guest number of matches, and then according to the number of guests to choose the size of the venue. Estimated number of guests, estimated number of guests are then divided by 10 (one per table) come to the banquet table. About the site also must consider the basic condition:
&Nbsp;   (1) overall decoration style of the hotel, (2) space-storey high enough; (3) overall satisfied with the lighting effects and lighting conditions, and (4) whether there is a column across the block line of sight (5) rolled out the red carpet at the ideal length and width of (6) table-type layout and table and table space is reasonable, and so on.

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