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Wedding wedding photography

&Nbsp;   1. cheek or 65 degrees at a 45-degree micro-side as much as possible, so face look smaller, outline more clearly 2. last one, is one of the most useful: often in front of a mirror practicing poses, well prepared.
&Nbsp;   3. Chin sharpened by their own way and can be a simple young mouth, some ears, when you bring to the ears, Chin also pointed out.
&Nbsp;   4. If relatives and friends are in the wedding photo, placed a little behind the others face as far as possible, although "framed" his partner and your face will appear smaller.
&Nbsp;   5. displays of affection in the eye, photos can be affectionate. Even if it's just a POSE, please imagine you are laughing and listening to a lover complained, don't they look straight at her eyes dull.
&Nbsp;   6. head slightly upward, and nose look smaller 7. imagine that you are the most beautiful person, don't worry about their looks does not look good, be relaxed and confident.
&Nbsp;   8. smiling is the most photogenic face, but photos don't laughed, so as not to eye fine lines of the week obviously, lost its manners.
&Nbsp;   9. natural stand up straight, straight back, long legs, hips, curves will come out, face will sparkle 10. the face and neck and shoulder are the focus of Visual effects, when choosing a wedding dress, Lotus Leaf collar, Cardigan style neckline exposed female sexy collar, very appropriate. Also, u-shaped Princess collar dress also has neck and cheeks look more slender effect. The neckline, chest shirt with a bow tie, so there are also elongated, modified shape results.
&Nbsp;   11. don't use too many bright Rouge and mascara, eyeliner, eyes will become smaller. But the best selection of glossy lipstick, makeup look nice in photos.
&Nbsp;   12. in the fleshy parts of the face in shadow, in the t-zone with high light.

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