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Wedding taught you to choose a diamond ring

&Nbsp;   1, early diamond, people just use it to give weapons to Polish people have now learned that diamonds worth a shot is at tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of tiny things sell for a great price. But at 4,500 years ago, weapons used to Polish a diamond. In ancient China, in those days, was still a power to win the world, who have a more valiant soldiers, generals, who will lead the country, decorative diamond is significantly low, instead of that little bit of practicality, so people will use this shiny thing to own weapons, such as axes of polished, in modern terms it would be wasted.
&Nbsp;   2, diamonds are not the hardest substance on Earth has long been considered a diamond is the hardest material in the world, made with diamonds into a work can be used to cut a variety of large things. Diamonds are not the hardest substance on Earth. United States Colombia University two Chinese scientists recently found that pencil graphite called Graphene's two-dimensional crystals of carbon atoms, than diamond-hard, strength higher than the world's best steel 100 times. People familiar with the pencils are made of graphite, compared with thickness of carbon atoms in graphite is composed of numerous "Graphene" sheets stack formation, Graphene is a split out of a single layer of carbon atoms in graphite materials, is a two-dimensional structure of carbon. Since 2004, discovery of Graphene, and related scientific research has never stopped. However, until recently, United States scientists have confirmed for the first time people have long suspected, Graphene is currently the world's highest strength material known.
&Nbsp;   3, de Beers Diamond Empire (De Beers) from 19th century to 20th century, due to global diamond mining is concentrated in South Africa. As South Africa De Beers of Cecil Rhodes, founder of local enterprises, he recognizes are the two main factors affecting the diamond price market: 1, because of South Africa diamond has a great mining capability, which would pose a threat to the long-term viability of the diamond; 2, buyers and sellers see possible conflicts in the future. In view of the above considerations, Cecil Rhodes bought in late 19th century South Africa diamond mine, in order to control the flow of diamonds on the market, and diamond all to London's Central Trade Organization to determine buyer diamond prices. Since 1888, de Beers has been a diamond mining and reputable names in the industry. Over more than 60 years ago, de beers established a sales agency, distribution accounts for the majority of the world's gem-quality diamond, ensure the stability of rapidly growing diamond market in the world. De Beers has been closely involved in all aspects of the diamond industry, from the original stone mined until diamond sales were pushed to support.
&Nbsp;   4, De Beers of the origin of the name comes from Cecil Rhodes to buy farm farms owner Johannel Nicholas de Beer and Diederik Arnoldus de Beer brothers.
&Nbsp;   5, do diamonds really rare?
&Nbsp;   is rare in diamonds are very rare, even in the past, but this is slowly changing, can't say that diamond resources becomes more and more. Only looking for diamonds and Diamond technology becomes more and more low cost. About 1 million source of mined diamonds to refine is a 1-Carat Diamond, now the situation has improved significantly.
&Nbsp;   6, the biggest diamonds found on Earth in the universe Kathy Cridland of the biggest diamond was 3106 carats of diamonds. It is divided into 9 large diamonds, including the 530-Carat "star of Africa", is now part of the Crown jewels. More than 2,800 years ago, diamonds first in India to be found. The ancient Romans believed that the stones are fragments of stars down to Earth. From the universe of diamonds. Scientists in 2004 discovered the universe's largest diamond. But the diamond is that most men in love are also out of reach--precisely the distance 50 light years away. Space scientists said they found a 46 weighing 10 carats of precious stones. The stone up to 2500 miles in diameter, 5x10 42 pounds, hidden in the center of a white dwarf star in the constellation Sagittarius, was on Valentine's day were found.
&Nbsp;   7, the most famous Noor diamonds embedded in the Queen Mother's Crown "guangshan" curse of the diamond is considered to be permanent. India proverb warns: "the man with the diamond will own the world, but would doom the upper part that only God or woman wearing it to be safe. "In 1937, wearing inlaid guangshan diamond Crown to attend her husband King George VI's coronation. George VI, 56 died at the age of.
&Nbsp;   the diamond had caused India Government and the United Kingdom Royal family turmoil, whose history can be traced back to the 14th century, after murder and rebellion and the diamond go hand in hand. 18th century Persian Emperor Wu-er nadiersha attack Mongolia Empire, what he wants is the diamond. On the occasion of searching, no gain, famous Palace concubines hinted that he, diamonds hiding themselves in the Mughal Sultan's turban. When Persian Emperor to check Sudan when the hood and find the diamond, diamond and glory took him by surprise, could not help but let out a "mountain of light". Guangshan diamonds, hence the name. But eight years later, the assassination of nadiersha, one of his generals to give this diamond to Kabul Afghanistan dynasty, after some travel, 19th century again brought it back to India are Sikh kingdoms of lanjitexinha, but after his death, the Sikh Kingdom was destroyed, guangshan diamonds with India the King was presented to Queen Victoria by the East India Company. Later, Queen Victoria will be the 186carats diamond recut into 108carats increase its brilliance, and together with cut diamond set in the Crown jewels.
&Nbsp;   8, classic advertising diamonds a Diamond Is Forever forever, forever passed.
&Nbsp;   9, since diamonds can be investments from 1934, diamond price appreciation dramatically exceeds the rate of inflation, so investing in diamonds can protect investors ' capital eroded by inflation. Diamond prices in a benign inflation growth during recent years, therefore, investing in diamonds will provide capital protection, diamond is the most concentrated form of investment. Diamond investments while safeguarding the privacy of personal wealth. Different from other forms of investment, investors must be looking for wealth preservation, such as investment banking, custodian banks, and so on. Diamond investors owned tangible assets are directly kept by themselves. During the investment period, he does not need to pay any fees, property taxes, or be asked to any liability insurance.
&Nbsp;   diamond differs from a futures commodity investing, every sharp price fluctuations. Nor are there any Government be stacked diamond inventory, so the national Government does not have control or influence the free trade market of diamond. Due to Diamond international demand is greater than supply, so diamond is easy to sell anywhere in the world.
&Nbsp;   10, synthetic diamonds last year, scientists have successfully mastered the method of making 10 Carat single crystal diamond, is the most powerful, this diamond in the color and purity of even more than the mineral diamond. In 10 years, synthetic diamonds will become cheaper. In 2011, the first diamond semiconductors, will become available. Carnegie Institution of Washington geophysical laboratory scientists of Apollo Diamond Association and Boston researchers, creating the largest and most flawless diamonds.

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