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Wedding bride model analysis

&Nbsp;   "shape"
&Nbsp;   model target: cute hair with a pink blush to create the sweetest face in the world.
&Nbsp;   styling element damage dealing with long curly hair, pale pink Gerbera, transparent gloss makeup, thick lashes, outline, full of Alizarin red lips, pink and white striped fur simulation.
&Nbsp;   styling focus in the most beautiful displays of personal characteristics. Retains the women's grace in your gas, foundations may pay attention to effect of muscular beauty, but with shiny feeling. Hair is fixed on the head after the dehairing process, ends its uneven nature hangs, bangs up the face lines plus Gerbera can place more emphasis on elegant temperament.
&Nbsp;   "style b"
&Nbsp;   model target: in a bold look with a touch of warm and tender.
&Nbsp;   styling elements, showy red Gerbera, falling hair, smooth forehead, red drops of sticker, matte texture of the Foundation, after dealing with rough lips and red fur-lined gown.
&Nbsp;   modeling with emphasis on simple modelling will be characteristic of the bride herself out. When the make-up and hair-styling, you should consider how to render the natural expression of the bride. Sticker red drops can be used to improve sense of dark complexion and dark circles, and makeup does not need excessive shows, aimed at showing a sense of natural skin. Makeup focuses on lipstick, emphasizing the lip contour and a special texture. Long hair along the face line natural down. Flowing hair and hair decoration of Gerbera bridal health and beauty shows.
&Nbsp;   "modeling"
&Nbsp;   modeling objectives: to render elegance and fashion sense to popular taste.
&Nbsp;   hair dryer hair styling elements, vertical slant bangs, Siberian white lilies, white, rhinestone sticker, black and white fur coat.
&Nbsp;   shape key reveals noble and romance Hepburn side bangs is the point. Bride looks is important is to show warm and happy with delicate sweet feeling, showing natural skin bright semi-gloss base makeup and color beautiful red lips, showing the tender eyes of the bride charm and filled with a noble face expression.
&Nbsp;   "style four-"
&Nbsp;   model target: the emotional tones and lines appear feminine charm, creating very modern and feminine bride style.
&Nbsp;   styling elements of natural hair, deep pink Gerbera, pale pink blush and with the color of eye shadow, eye lines and smooth lips, pink fur shawl of brilliant people.
&Nbsp;   shape key create a Gerbera has a tiara. Hair is natural curly dinner style, in order to show the top part of the component will curl in high position into a loose chignon, so when you put on the flower head, make the face look more gorgeous elegant. Makeup use soft colors and lines to show the bride's charming and noble, noble yet cute, really fascinating.

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