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It should be noted that nine wedding photography details

&Nbsp;  , confirm the style should pay attention to the nine in the filter when wedding photography studio, we must first determine the style of the photo you want, and styles to find the right Studio. Depends on the style of wedding photography studio meets two people interested. See more works of Studio wedding photos, by his own instincts like wedding photography studio in the alternative.
&Nbsp;   b, figure out the budget wedding photography studio in Beijing the price difference is not very large, if your favorite Studio package-less content delivery, you can refer to other Studio content, as when they talk about future options. As for those prices significantly higher than your budget a lot of Studio, the best early to give up.
&Nbsp;   third, shop around after repeated selection, a few options you may have in mind, but wanted to determine the final destination, will find it hard to choose. Measure the strengths and weaknesses of these photographic work, according to their original demand for comparative analysis.
&Nbsp;   four, do not mention gifts above the temptations of "first demand", new people is to always keep a cool head, confirming what he really wanted. Because under many seductive gifts, heart scale can easily be upset. Business is now selling points to attract others, some deliver the wedding ring, send wedding dress, some sent sent accommodation fare, late powerful and send snapshots, send video ... ... These so-called "send" must have "send"? that's not because the costs were already included in the package. Diamonds from VVS through SI, wedding dress from satin to yarn quality wedding dresses need to be cleaned free of charge ... ... Fuss too much space here. These small selling point is worthy of consideration, but is not mandatory. In the face of many seductive gifts before, we might as well choose one of your own.
&Nbsp;   five, location select a photo before you think about where you want to go on location and then watch your favorite Wedding Photography Studio is there. If it is not found there, should be carefully considered. Each Studio has its own flagship locations, this is they often go, is the best shot. Where angle, what is the light bar, photographer is very clear. If you specify the photographer went to a place that he didn't go to the pictures. Can't say bad, at least get angle or light to find the feeling he needs time and distance is an issue. If you are his first works, shooting the final effect is difficult to obtain.
&Nbsp;   six-face makeup, makeup and Photography Studio are mostly natural, when all spectators, watching the heroine's hairstyle, is transformed rich, your favorite hair style can be found in the photo. If you see many samples, hair style is so simple, even your favorite Hepburn or Korean hair had never seen, then it can be concluded that the makeup artist is not very good at the hairstyle you like, and still consider it. Communication must choose good of photographic makeup, feel out of place on the proposed replacement, not trying not to say.
&Nbsp;   seven, signing former look clothing in early on when staff were quite satisfactory, every photograph is very seductive, this is to attract customers is the key point. Hope you keep an eye out here, due to the Studio of scale are relatively simple, alternate clothing styles are less, though later repaired well, but when wearing, may find that more poor, more dirty or old, so take a look at the best clothing before signing, lest after the upset.
&Nbsp;   BA, communication with photographers in the wedding in advance of communicate with the photographer, because the photographer shot in the day time is basically follow the routines or forming ideas at one time finished, when the expression of different views and ideas of the time, it is difficult to carry out. Do not wait for a photo for the photographer on the day to express their ideas, it is likely to be rejected, directly affects the photo's mood.
&Nbsp;  , post-processing in advance and the Studio agreed and processing time, because of a shortage, many of the studios might face larger workloads. So people ahead of consultations in order to modify the volume when there is a time delay on, according to both sides. Selection of photos not too taken into account when the intensity of light and shade, as our photographers in post-production effects, often owed a bit of exposure. Important thing is to choose your favorite facial expressions, movements, perspective, composition, etc. In particular emotions and actions cannot be modified by later. Selected photos, if you have special requirements, needs to make instructions and Studio, for example: male moles don't go on the corners, and so on. Photo modification is amazing, but also in some places and some of the details are there is no way to modify, it needed people and designers to communicate in advance.

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