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Premarital preparation

&Nbsp;   wedding preparatory * decided wedding date * determine wedding ceremony and the married banquet way * determine wedding budget * drafted guest list new image prepared * selected wedding photography company * looking for satisfaction of dress style, decided is set do also is loan * bride began skin maintenance honeymoon arrangements * determine honeymoon travel plans * as has need, application Passport prepared new life * determine married Hou residence * began decoration layout new homes * consider whether for property notary ============ == Wedding Qian 3 months wedding preparatory * determine married banquet places new image prepared * appointment shooting wedding * try wear new dress * bride continues to skin nursing and the body maintenance * appointment shooting wedding * purchase married ring honeymoon arrangements * delegate travel agency, chat honeymoon travel of the matters prepared new life * purchase furniture, appliances and the various home supplies * optional day moved, can first put most clothing and the life supplies moved into new homes ============== wedding Qian 1 months wedding preparatory * determine guest list, And determine banquet number * invited marries people * arrangements remarks content, and time, and entertainment XING program, * sent out HI posted * scheduled married car new image prepared * shooting wedding * determine dress tenant matters honeymoon arrangements * tie honeymoon time, to company leave prepared new life * to households political organ handle account moved out moved matters ============== wedding Qian half months wedding preparatory * held wedding day preparatory personnel, and hospitality personnel of prepared Conference new image prepared * reservation wedding day by needed flowers * Associate new completed cut sent, and Perm, external beauty work honeymoon arrangements * finishing holiday of luggage prepared new life * optional day, put last small supplies moved into new home ============== wedding Qian one week wedding preparatory * decided wedding staff list * and hotel coordination married banquet site layout, and menu, last details * scheduled married cake * appointment married banquet day photography, and ceremony car new image prepared * and beautician determine day dress up * check dress whether modified completed honeymoon arrangements * And travel agency for honeymoon travel trip of last determine prepared new life * if necessary words, can for property notary ============== wedding day wedding preparatory check Auditorium, and banquet places of the prepared matters * and confirmed whether complete * again phone contact important guests new image prepared * to wedding company take dress * confirmed need distribution with accessories whether complete * guarantee sufficient sleep, less water so as not to eye puffy prepared new life * prepared simple of canned, and dry food, placed new home ====== ======== Wedding day wedding preparatory * eat a meal big of breakfast, but to less water * man with married gift to woman home married new image prepared * prepared carry makeup box * please two bit boudoir in the close friends Entourage cuisine debris and assist for dress * relax mood, and keep happy mood ============== wedding Hou one week wedding preparatory end * back home * settlement wedding costs * as has necessary, sent out thank honeymoon plans * honeymoon travel * rebate relatives honeymoon travel gift prepared new life * Invite friends and relatives to a new home * pay attention to diet, regular life

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